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Parivarthon – Ms Garima Joshi

02 Feb 2020
Cubbon Park

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Here is the little story of a girl – Ms Garima Joshi. For me, she bears true sportsmanship. While she was growing up she realised that her true strength or happiness is felt when she was on the track. She is a fairly established sports girl of her times. But while she was practising at one of the hill stations she was hit by a car due to fog. As we all understand any injury in our body restricts our performance but this was not just an injury but a dent in our life. She was practising for the Olympics. But now she was directed to think at different options with the time frame to be an Olympian. This was a serious spinal cord injury which traumatized her. Her lower body doesn’t support her system. As she was taking treatment she only discovered – she may not stand on her feet or restore her original health.

While she was taking treatment at the age of 20 her mom was ailing too and she lost her mom. I can’t comprehend Garima’s pain because I would want my mother by my side when I’m in pain as I m aware since my childhood days that my mother understood my pain without expressing in words. That physical touch from my mother during my failures assured me that I would bounce back to life.
Her father uses to have a blue-collar job in a hospital which he lost during the course of time. Now he struggles to give her a basic lifestyle.

She had a series of events which brought tears in volumes but she didn’t give up. Though she is on a wheelchair. She now aims to represent our country for Paralympics 2020. She would need to pass some medical examination before she qualifies for Paralympics which is more likely to happen on Feb 2020, post this formality she will be blessed to be a part of Tokyo 2020.

As few people from Parivarthon understand that we need to nurture her dreams or keep it alive – We are trying to raise funds through registration and sponsorship from various brands.

We do have few brands on board with us but it’s not enough to take care of her medication and nourishment for a sports girl. We from Parivarthon team request each one of you to support her dream.


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Registration not open for this event!